You'll Find Him a Good Bleeder

Baldran is defeated and he agrees to assist us with the ritual. But only on the condition that Arath, priest of Orcus, personally gives him the order. That's okay, we are off to talk to her next.

It doesn't take much convincing to get Arath on our side, not when I wield and turn in to Nightbringer before her eyes. Even so, she must have some proof that she is not working against Orcus, 'I need some kind of act of dark faith'.

'Like a blood sacrifice?', I ask, eyeing Adran, Nightbringer perhaps affecting my moral compass a little too much.

'Yes, I was thinking along those very lines', the priest replies.

'We have brought an elf...'

'What? Artoo, you're playing the wrong message!'

Luckily for Adran, we find some other hapless charge to sacrifice, one that satisfies several requirements. He is already a minion of Orcus and so is evil, yet he is ready to betray Orcus and so is a good sacrifice, he can be tricked in to revealing his intentions, and with him out of the way I get to keep Nightbringer a little longer. Even though we participate in a blood sacrifice, it is seen as part of the greater good.

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