Dazing the GM

It's the zombie apocalypse! We have slain Gyldra the butcher and her pets are revolting, and not just because they are rotting animated corpses. The zombie pens break under the weight of the surging undead, and the two goristro helpers we killed come back to life, all to avenge their fallen 'mother'. But we have our secret weapon. Adoni-zedek, invoker champion of holy area attacks, has at last been revived after fainting during a tattoo application and is ready to dish out the damage.

But first he mocks 4th Edition's notion of a single damage roll for multiple-target attacks speeding up combat. With a grand gesture Adoni uses a daily power and a burst of holy energy emanates from his position, engulfing every zombie. There are 29 enemies, each one caught in the burst, and each one requiring a separate attack roll to see if the power hits. Luckily, with the exception of the goristros, they are all minions and have identical stats, so most of the attack rolls are against the same defence value. And although a single damage roll would normally speed up the effects of the attack it doesn't here, partly because they are minions and any damage would kill them, but mostly because the power does no damage.

Instead of damaging the enemies our invoker's power dazes each of them and applies an additional effect. The beauty of this attack is that the dazed effect remains until the target makes a successful saving throw. Adoni hits every zombie, dazing each one, forcing the GM to make 29 separate saving throws on his turn, which is next.

It feels like half-an-hour by the time we get to the second PC's action, and we have already found out that although these minions drop if taking any damage they don't die as such. A successful skill check notes that they regenerate, and will continue to do so unless damaged with fire or holy attacks. Only Adoni-zedek can do this type of damage at will, leaving the rest of us to knock the zombies around like Weebles.

It takes a couple of rounds for us to get fully organised. Lughar creates a zone of snowflakes that heals us for a small amount each round, Adoni a second zone that grants temporary hit points each round. The zombies have no way to move us out of these zones, and the bonuses we are getting negate the damage the minions can inflict. Seeing this, and that three of us are simply standing lazily in the zones whilst Adoni casts one radiant at-will power each turn, the GM lets us skip to the end and sweeps the zombies away.

Victory is ours! Our confidence rises and an extended rest sees us ready to enter the ziggurat. We have the complete ritual needed to break the seal to the ziggurat, all that's left to do now is confront and defeat Orcus's exarch. I'm sure it will be easy enough.

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