Final Fight

The final fight is before us. There are large bonescythes, ghasts being stinky, zombies dragging cauldrons, and fel vampire minions spewing from a side room. There is also a lich or a leech, we're not quite sure, but it probably wants us to bleed either way. And even though the boss hasn't turned up yet it apparently still isn't a big enough fight, as a zombie 'opens the door and a blast of heat radiates from the room' beyond, as an immoleth joins the fray.

'Does it radiate, or convect?' Thermofluid mechanics doesn't matter too much here, as I feel hot however the heat reaches me. Luckily, my nifty magical weapon, stolen from some corpse or other, lets me make an immediate saving throw to negate any effect a save can end if the originating creature is undead. The immoleth's fiery hit only deals ongoing damage, and my saving throw is successful, negating the start-of-turn effect before it even deals damage.

My increasingly powerful weapon is also now granting me immunity to necrotic damage, not merely resistance, so the damping effect in the main chamber isn't affecting me, neither are the undead creatures' special attacks. I have been the target of several attacks in the first round of combat and suffered no damage. If only the rest of the fight were to be quite so straightforward.

I am sadly not immune to other types of damage, notably physical, and I am clawed and sycthed. My companions are suffering from heat and necrotic damage as well as the physical. Exploding undead and a leech blinding us aren't helping either. Adoni-zedek is teleported to the boss's side and immobilised, taking plenty of bites and blood draining damage. We are knocked down. Lughar is able to restore Adran to consciousness, and Adoni-zedek follows a couple of times.

Eventually, the battle of attrition wears down the enemy more than us, the numbers whittled down to more manageable levels. If only we could find that leech's phylactery to remove his threat permanently. And we still have the boss to defeat. So far only we have only weakened his attacks, not his body.

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