Hopelessly Dominated to You

The final ghoul serving Kalarel bites in to me, causing me to stiffen and become immobilised. It is a queer form of immoblisation, as I can still do jumping jacks if I so desire, but not being able to move voluntarily from my position supposedly makes the exarch's next attack more potent, even if I can dodge and parry his attacks as normal. Kalarel ignores my 4th Edition strict interpretation of immobilisation and presumes instead a more traditional definition, easily biting in to my motionless throat, his power seeping in through my veins to dominate me.

At the start of my turn my warden class ability lets me make a saving throw against one ongoing effect a save can end, the only one being the immobilisation. I fail the throw, remaining stuck in my square but dancing the running man.

'You're dominated. Feel free to charge your ally Lughar and make a basic standard attack against him.'

'I'm immobilised.' Indeed, you just asked me to make a saving throw, which I failed.

'Oh, right.' The only character I can attack is the ghoul who immobilised me, my allies not being adjacent and even the exarch moving away after attacking. I think we have revealed a fundamental problem with only being able to dominate a character when he's immobilised. My melee-based attacks make me useless to the exarch and I forgo my turn, wishing again that I'd brought a book to read, and switch to the hustle whilst I wait for the next turn to end.

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