Making Our Escape

Only Kalarel remains before us. Once defeated, our mission will be nearly complete. Adran moves to strike what is hoped the final blow and Adoni-zedek assists, granting big bonuses for each of Adran's attacks. Getting a +35 bonus for his main weapon and +33 for the off-hand Adran can hardly miss. But he tries his hardest, rolling a 2 and a 3. Never the less, both attacks hit the exarch of Orcus and slice deep past his defences, looking to slay him.

My instincts kick in and a necrotic shield, that is in no measure owing to making a deal with evil god-slaying Nightbringer, deflects half the damage inflicted back to our ranger. And in a moment of perverse glory Adran is knocked unconscious and dying, minor revenge for the many times he has taken glee in accidentally or otherwise assaulting my characters near to death, not that I keep track. Kalarel survives a few seconds longer, until my own puny attack defeats him.

The exarch defeated, an aspect of Orcus appears, as does Nightbringer itself. Orcus shows displeasure at Adran's failure and tosses his crumpled body across the room in to a wall. Ignoring our surroundings briefly, accusations fly.

'I didn't make a deal with Orcus!' Adran insists.

'No, you only agreed to perform a task for him in exchange for material gain and a promise of personal power', says the GM, clearing up our confusion.

No more mortal enemies are around and Lughar, Adoni-zedek and myself are surveying the scene from within the healing zone of snowflakes Lughar has cast. 'Orcus is fighting Nightbringer, I'm glad we're healing 7 points a round.' Adoni-zedek's sarcasm makes us consider our current position, and we drag Adran's body through the snowflakes so that he regains consciousness and make a dash for the ziggurat's exit, as the stone walls begin to crumble and collapse around us.

Fearing the undead army is waiting for us outside, having been alerted to Nightbringer bursting through the structure, we are relieved to be alone. But then we remember that the undead army was marching to the portal, through which we have to pass to return to the drow city. Luckily, we have a portal spell on a scroll and there is a stone circle nearby that we can use to complete the ritual.

Like idiots, we dash back in to the crumbling ziggurat to use the stone circle inside, jumping through the created portal to briefly appear next to the undead army waiting at the portal to the drow city. Without stopping, as we are prepared for this meeting, we pop out of one portal and jump through the other, once more finding ourselves in the drow city. We call for the portal we just used to be closed, which it quickly is, having been kept open by the drow only at our request whilst we destroyed Kalarel.

Now we only need to return to the dwarf city, where surely Nightbringer won't turn up to crash our heroes' welcome by enslaving the world.

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