Let's Off-road!

This is just dandy. Not only are we still no closer to finding the missing Left Hand, now his daughter Yii has been kidnapped. In a burst of competence we find some tracks leading from her house that take us away from the town and to a stable, where we see a bound Yii being held by General Su Zuo.

Approaching the stable lets us see that the General is there alone and that he has spotted us too. It looks like Su Zuo has gone a bit bonkers as he has kidnapped Yii to flush Left Hand out of hiding, but is reticent to tell us anything about his grudge.

I move to release Yii from her bonds causing Su Zuo to draw his sword, ready to stop us from ruining his plan. Other weapons are drawn and a fight breaks out, the five of us against a General.

An early strike by Su Zuo seriously injures Fung Xe but our swordsman is still able to counter-attack. Even in his weakened state a well-timed blow pierces Su Zuo's armour cleanly, dealing a vicious wound. As the General reels our advantage of numbers is clearly working, a second and third blow knocking Su Zuo to the ground and close to death.

'The combat's over, let me check the adventure's notes. "When the PCs are easily defeated by Su Zuo"... Oh.'

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