Saving Two Characters with One Roll

Derailing the adventure is not really a problem, it can generally be assumed to happen at some point. No, our main problem with a bleeding Suo Zo at death's door lying at our feet is that he is a General in the state's army and in town on official business.

'Don't untie Yii just yet', says Yuen Shu-Lin, stopping me from releasing Left Hand's daughter, 'we may need to leave no witnesses'.

'How fatally injured is he?', asks Fung Xe, apparently missing the clue in the description. But it turns out that Su Zuo still has some life in him, if he can get some medical attention quickly. I am trained in medicine and tend to his wounds.

I focus my chi to help in this task, as healing such a badly wounded character is more difficult than applying a poultice. The spirits are with me, as I get the maximum possible result without achieving a Yin/Yang balance.

Su Zuo recovers from being fatally wounded to merely 'bruised'. It's good news for Yii, too.

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