How to Bribe

A man has turned up dead on a transit system, his autopsy revealing heretical bio-implants in his system. Agents of the Inquisiton are called in to investigate the circumstances of the man's death and to look for any further traces of heresy.

The investigation naturally begins in the dead man's habitation division, a long transit journey needed to reach the dilapidated sector. The acolytes of the inquisition, given a convincing cover agency to work under, start to blend in with the local populace and begin to ask questions concerning the man's disappearance and surgical modifications.

An obvious place to try to find answers is the local Worker's Union, a rough place where workers and gang blades alike get drunk to blot away the pains of existence. But the harsh atmosphere is perhaps not the best place to get direct answers, as one acolyte finds out.

Lionus Vern is firmly rebuffed by the barman when he asks his questions, but he knows how to get past such barriers. 'I'm going to leave this 20 Throne note on the bar. Maybe if I ask again for the information you'll be more forthcoming.'

'What 20 Throne note?'

'The one I left right, uh, there... Oh.'

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