Whoever Wins Loses

Against the odds we have defeated Su Zuo and tied him up. He tells us his tale of missed promotions and bitter revenge, which is why he has ended up keeping Left Hand's daughter hostage in this stable. It all sounds rather plausible, particularly when Left Hand arrives and refuses to deny any of it.

Rather than let Left Hand's crimes remain unanswered, or unduly punish Su Zuo for his misdemeanours in seeking justice, I suggest that we untie the General and let him claim the honour he seeks. 'Yes, untie him and let's leave', agrees Fung Xe.

'No', says Kwai Chen Tai, 'let's stay and watch the fight'.

Yuen Shu-Lin likes this idea too. 'Whoever wins, the other will be badly injured', she begins.

'...and we just cut them down', finishes Kwai Chen Tai, in a graceful display of adjusting from an alignment system to honour.

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