Emergency Looting

The acolytes have investigated the mystery disappearance of citizens in this sector, as well as the alarming re-appearance of one with bio-grafts and other heretical modifications. Their dealings have led them to the heart of the operation, although they still aren't sure quite what the final goal is.

What they do know is that one of the masterminds has called out to 'initiate the destruction protocol', after they ambush him and strike hard and fast. A few more seconds of brutal combat sees a shotgun blast rip his arm off and tear his face to shreds. As he falls, his robes splay open to show the mesh bodyline armour he was wearing, revealing how he was able to withstand other gunfire.

'Dibs on the armour', says Lionus, quite taken by the level of protection it could offer him.

'Fine by me', replies Arlas, as he sees the other mastermind frantically scramble with control panels to send electronics and other machinery squealing with warning alarms. 'You stay here and peel it off. Maybe the blood-soaked scraps will protect you from the 'destruction protocol'.'

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