It is Your Destiny

The mutated bodysnatchers are almost despatched, which will leave only their unmutilated leader to deal with. But one more remains.

Arlas drops his pistol to the ground and reaches in to his long overcoat to draw a shotgun, whipping the barrel around to point at the final bodysnatcher as he cocks the weapon dramatically. 'Dodge this' he quips, firing at point-blank range. But a roll of 90 on his hit roll is a definite miss, even with a +30 bonus to his ballistic skill.

We are reaching the end of the session, making it a good time to spend a fate point, which will recharge by the start of the next session. Re-rolling his hit roll gets Arlas a result of 01, a perfect hit. With this precision, and his choice of weapon and bonuses, four solid hits slam in to the bodysnatcher.

Two shots blow the face off the bodysnatcher, one rips his right arm off, and the fourth not so much punctures a lung as obliterates it. The charging heretical monstrosity drops messily to the ground. That's how to deal with fate.

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