Okay, So, She’s a Dog

Gilneas has opened the Greymane Wall, the scourge invasion finally having pushed us worgen to venture in to Azeroth once more. I find myself getting more involved with the elves and other races as we prove our worthiness to be a part of the Alliance. As my adventuring continues I find new opportunities available. Just as other people are learning to ride horses I am quite spoilt for choice.

I could learn the ability to ride a horse and spend gold to buy one. But I am a warlock, and my mentor has taught me how to summon a dreadsteed, a demon horse that serves as a mount. As if that weren't enough, my own worgen ability is revealed, letting me drop to all fours and speed along as quick as any normal mount. It's quite exhilarating.

I think I'll visit the Deeprun Tram and recreate the classic film A Gilnean Worgen in Ironforge.

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