On the Road Again

Elfland always had undulating landscape, making it difficult to see over hills and in to dips. There were so many trees and bushes that even when the ground itself didn't get in the way you could hardly see for foliage. The creatures that stalked the land were generally four-legged and keen to flee faster than you could catch them, before your trainer let you in on the secrets to slowing them down. And the long and thin region meant far too much running north and south to collect and return quests, when the proximity of the coast wasn't sending you gasping for breath underwater.

I hated adventuring in elfland.

But with the cataclysm come changes, so surely some of them must be improvements. Or maybe Deathwing took a look at elfland and wondered to himself, 'how can I make running along a narrow road a chore in and of itself, to make it fit better with the elfland experience?

'I know', he answered himself, 'I'll break the road and render autorun useless'.

Thanks, Douchewing.

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  1. Tiger Ears » Blog Archive » Jelica’s travels Says:

    [...] As it turns out, I merely came to the region from the wrong direction. I was expected to catch a boat to elfland and work my way south, encountering creatures and players of my own ability, and not to wander through the rather more dangerous Dustwallow Marsh. Had I approached from Stonetalon Mountains my contact would have greeted me along the road and offered some quests to continue to push me in the right direction, culminating in the free gryphon flight to Northwatch Hold. But I didn’t really want to run all the way down through the broken elven landscape. [...]