Call Him By His Name

Getting good answers out of The Oracle, the ancient source of knowledge on the moving city of Ambulon, turns out to be rather smooth after the first hurdle. There are some obvious questions to ask, whose answers prompt further questions. It is almost as if the encounter were scripted.

'Who is the master of the Serrated Query?', asks Xerxes, responding to new information from The Oracle.

'He has no name that we've ever heard', The Oracle replies, using the royal 'we', apparently, 'but he is called the Faceless One'.

'He's actually called Ian', Matthias interjects.

'Really? Okay, thanks. I'll put that in my databanks. It will come in handy for the next time some acolytes come through here.'

The Oracle's mystical nature is diminished a little, but at least he can admit when he doesn't know everything.

One Response to “Call Him By His Name”

  1. Will Says:

    The Oracle: Wikipedia for the 41st milennia.