You Tell Me

Rudely awaken from the slumber by mercenaries, the trail of evidence leads the acolytes to the moving city of Ambulon. Some convenient transport gets them to the city, and they have to struggle once again with a new undercover identity that more fits with the life on a forever-maintained machine. Nobles from Fenksworld would not be here. Not that they are nobles from Fenksworld, but trying telling them that.

A contact in the city points the acolytes towards The Oracle, an ancient entity, part man, part machine, who has an answer to every question. But, as the acolytes discover, sometimes the answer happens to be 'That is unknown'. It's still an answer. Even so, the acolytes have plenty to learn, and The Oracle knows more than they do.

The acolytes ask their first question, surprisingly not about the existence of spoons, and The Oracle answers. 'That is not the question you have come to ask me', he says, being incredibly smug.

Not to be out-smart-arsed, the acolytes spring at the chance to counter with, 'what is the question we've come to ask?' Sadly, meta-gaming the situation doesn't quite work, and they have to actually think about the plot a bit.

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