Bypassing Security Using Brute Force

Getting in to Theodosia's inner sanctum may not be entirely straightforward. The acolytes have followed the trail of the assassin and influential cult member to a church on Ambulon, but now a locked basement door stands between them and discovering the truth. Never fear, though, as Matthias has trained in security and is confident he can bypass the locks.

'Stand back, lads, I'll take care of this', he says, before shoulder barging the door quite inpetly. A D100 roll of 96, when looking to roll below your skill, makes fools of us all sometimes. 'I'll spend a fate point', he declares, turning time back to cancel his previous roll and make a new one.

Matthias takes a careful look at the mechanisms securing the door, steps back, and heaves a mighty kick at the lock. A re-roll of 77 is not much better at overcoming security systems, it seems. 'This lock is proving more difficult than I predicted.'

There is one more effort made to get through the locked door. Matthias gets his shotgun out and blows off the hinges, in an effective if unsubtle brute force attack against the door. They're in.

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