Crossing Swords with the Boss

Theodosia is waiting for the acolytes. He's not really expecting them, and actually surprised to see them still alive after sending hired guns to kill them, but they have just blown a security door off its hinges and walked in to his secret basement. Now he's going to do his best to make sure they don't leave.

The metal monk whips his bolt pistol forwards and shoots, as he runs up the wall to disorientate the acolytes. But all that comes from his pistol is a clicking sound, no rounds firing, as his first shot in the combat jams his gun. The acolytes grin at his misfortune, feeling that they are fated to be victorious.

Theodosia is only too aware of how long it takes to clear a weapon jam, and doesn't want to spend that time retreating or being vulnerable, especially as he has back-up weapons. As the acolytes let forth their first volley of pistol fire, the monk leaps down from the wall drawing his two power blades, both thrumming in to life. It just so happens that Theodosia is as proficient with melee fighting as he is at range, much to the acolytes' despair.

Xerxes the tech-priest is viciously slaughtered, pysker Mordecai has an arm unwittingly amputated, and noble scum Dariel has a searing wound inflicted on one of his arms, fusing the fingers together and knocking him unconscious from the shock. Only Matthias gets away, fleeing the fearful scene, but able at least to recover his sense and call in the Inquisition to put and end to Theodosia's operation.

Mordecai and Dariel are recovered by the Inquisition but Xerxes's body isn't found. The church is destroyed, Theodosia is hunted off-world, and the planetary manufacture of farcosia, a drug made from psykers, is halted. With some recuperation and bionic limb replacements it looks like the acolytes will be ready for a new mission for the Inquisition soon enough.

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