Fighting Back the Eldar

We have the Luminous Reproach! The artefact sword it was our mission to recover is in our possession, plucked from the Inquisitor herself, frozen in time with the demon she was fighting and whose head the Luminous Reproach was thrust in to.

We also have a book, another artefact The Inquisition will be rather interested in, and one they did not expect to find in the space hulk. Returning that should help make up for some transgressions, as long as we manage to return it. It seems the Eldar haven't finished their assault on the hulk, apparently in search of this book.

Our final stand is arranged, we need to delay our departure in the escape pods for long enough to ensure something or other. I am busy building barricades with my fellow acolytes to pay too much attention to the strangely friendly ghost, as Eldar will be swarming in soon and we could use some protection.

An image forms in front of us, a hideous alien who somehow speaks our language. He wants the book, and if we give it to him he will let us leave. I'm glad Dariel isn't carrying the book at this moment. We refuse his offer, not wanting to trust a xenos even if we thought we could, and watch as portals open before us and Eldar stream out.

The Eldar are wielding fully automatic rifle versions of the pistol that we've already seen can be deadly. One alien shoots towards Matthias, scoring multiple hits on his location but the barricade he erected negates them all. 'Um, maybe not all of them. Don't forget that multiple hits can affect different body parts.'

'Good point. The first hit is on the body, which puts subsequent hits on the body, body, and then arm, which isn't protected by your cover. Take some damage.'

'Also don't forget that you can try to dodge the attack', Mordecai points out.

'I dodge!', says Matthias, rather relieved. 'I like Mordecai's reminders better than Victus's.'

I have my own trouble, though. The Eldar are nimble and close the distance between us fast. I am dodging some attacks and having others hit my own barricade, but the aliens have got in to melee range. I call that 'trouble', but I actually am better in melee than using guns. I pull out my chainsword and start chopping away at limbs and torsos.

Two attacks, two hits! My sure strike talent lets me better control where my attacks land, too. Rather than automatically reversing the numbers on the D100 roll to determine body location struck, I can choose to reverse the number or keep it straight. Let's see, I rolled a 33 and a 44. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

2 Responses to “Fighting Back the Eldar”

  1. SmakenDahed Says:

    44 and 33. LOL

  2. Elf Says:

    And it was my first chance to use that skill.