Restart [y/N]

Entering the psyker transport now lodged in the space hulk, we get a reappearance of a ghostly girl. She starts talking to us, mostly inconsequential ramblings, and asks, 'You're not from The Inquisition, are you?'

'Why, ye...'

'...You'd better not be.' That sounds ominous. It's good I was interrupted, or we'd have been rumbled for sure. For now, we keep quiet.

The ghostly girl leads us to a large chamber in the ship, where from every direction approach apparitions, the undead spirits of psykers who became encapsulated in this hulk, never reaching their destination of feeding the God Emperor with their energies. At least, that's what I think they are, as before we are even properly introduced Dariel opens his big mouth, completely forgetting the past five minutes. 'We are from The Inquisition! Give us the Luminous Reproach!'

We wake up in a different chamber, seemingly uninjured but with a fate point permanently burnt. The last moment we remember is the ghosts swarming us and there being nothing we can do about it. And it seems that during the scuffle half our weapons have been irrepairably destroyed.

A benevolent voice can be heard. 'Would you like to take that ba-'

'Nope!' Thanks for considering it, at least. The adventure skips a few pages, and we dust ourselves off to face the final encounter with no allies, no answers, and little more than some knuckle dusters. It's going to be epic!

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