We Are Detective

Landing on Sepheris Secundus we are greeted by local law enforcement and taken to a briefing room. A terrorist cell thought dormant has become active once more, leading attacks against several mines in the region. As acolytes of the Inquisition we are here to find the roots of the organisation and bring it down. If we can't, the whole site will be nuked from orbit.

'So far no pattern to the attacks has been discerned yet', says the officer in charge, showing us a map of the mines and a sprinkling of dots where the attacks have taken place.

'We should use the classic TV detective programme method of drawing lines between the points and working out where the base is', says Matthias in his flippant manner, before being asked to make a skill check. He passes the check and realises that 'if we draw some lines connecting the points a spiral pattern becomes obvious'. How about that.

A second request for a skill check and a second success also lets Matthias plot exactly where the next attack is likely to occur. Our investigation has got off to a roaring start, guv!

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