On Our Best Behaviour

It dawns on me that having Ulbrexis with us on Sepheris Secundis could pose a risk. His rule over one of the mines, the one we're investigating even, and his benevolence towards his subjects may make him recognisable and blow our cover. I bring up this concern, wondering if he may be identified by any of the serfs and if that would cause serious troubles, but am reassured. 'I have a disguise of peasant's garb, including a hood', he says, 'I am unlikely to be recognised outside of my more official clothing'.

'Ah, like the prince and the porpoise.'

'...and the pauper.'

'Right, the prince and the porpoise and the pauper. But don't forget the implications should you be discovered.'

'I understand them only too well, acolyte. Don't threaten me.'

I wouldn't dream of it. I do, however, blurt out 'I'm going to kick you in the kneecaps' when greeted by Proctor Rotlan, the principal arbiter on the planet. I quickly try to cover it up by claiming it was my 'assassin instincts' and apologising, although it may have worked just as well if I had explained I was merely reacting to the lack of legroom under the table shared with my fellow acolytes.

It is after this faux pas that we are reminded that our Inquisitor told us to 'play nice with the locals'.

'Rotlan survived his first encounter with us', Matthais points out, 'we can't get any nicer'. Let's hope we continue to be this well-mannered.

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