Extinguishing the Flames

The pre-emptive strike to subdue the mutants is going to plan. Well, almost. We successfully incapacitated half of them within a few seconds, giving the others a chance to surrender and give us the information we're after, which may have worked had Mordecai the Canary not set the rest of them (and me) on fire. We now have three burning and quickly dying mutants.

Matthias moves in to try to put out the flames on the hardiest looking of the mutants, knowing that trying to do it yourself to be almost impossible when fighting the panic of being of fire. I move in to help too, but maybe we can use some objects in the room to our advantage.

I grab a rather heavy bundle of rags and equipment and drag it across to the burning mutant, hoping to smother the flames more effectively. But even though the Canary managed to knock himself unconscious from using the firestorm pyschic power I am apparently not allowed to use another acolyte as a fire blanket, and I have to kick dust from the floor to help put out the mutant instead.

It works, and one of the three surviving mutants is now no longer on fire, if a bit crisp. Dariel looks around for any liquids he can douse the flames with. 'They were drinking, I'm going to grab their mugs and throw that on to the flames.' Sadly, they were drinking a potent spirit, which only fuels the fire until. The second mutant is now lying very still indeed for a burning man.

At least Matthias and I can get to the third mutant in time to extinguish the flames on him, giving us two badly burnt mutants to question to help us continue our investigation.

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