Power Pins and Needles

The mutants are caught unawares by our finding their minor base of operations, but they are not about to talk willingly, reaching instead for their autoguns. We are prepared for this and move to attack, gaining an initial advantage for being armed and ready.

This is my first opportunity to use a mighty power sword, having all the finesse of a normal sword with an armour-penetrating power field to make it a formidable weapon indeed. I move in and strike down against the nearest mutant, getting a solid hit against his arm, enough to inflict critical damage even on the first hit.

A damage table is referenced to discover the full extent of my power sword's blow, the energy weapon penetrating deep enough that 'the mutant's arm goes a bit numb, and he has pins and needles for a while'.

I have to admit that I am a little disappointed with the result.

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