Perils of the Warp

The mutants have fled back through their entrance tunnel, a mundane explosion collapsing it behind them. I throw the gibbering wreck of Matthias over my shoulders and head for the nearest tunnel to escape the blast of the supernatural bomb that has been set and has already melded in to the rock. Dariel and Mordecai run down the same tunnel to avoid the blast, and we find ourselves temporarily trapped as serfs toil to remove the fallen rocks amongst the rest of the devastation.

There's only one thing to do. Mordecai uses his psyker powers to cast 'forget me', a potent power that compels a target to forget he ever met Mordecai. If only it were a permanent effect, but anyway. Determined to see his power succeed Mordecai rolls 4D10 to try to exceed the psychic power requirement, which he does, but the risk of piercing the warp is realised, a 9 appearing on one of the D10s. A roll on the perils of the warp table thankfully produces a miniscule roll of 14, and all that happens is the air feels a bit frosty around our psyker.

Undeterred, Mordecai offers to heal Dariel, who was harmed during the battle with the mutants as they planted their bomb. 4D10 are rolled and his healing power is successful, this time with no 9s in the result and no harmful side-effects. Mordecai heals me next, again rolling 4D10 without any fateful 9s cropping up. Our party is back almost to full strength. It's not enough, though.

Mordecai is adamant nothing should threaten our party whilst we are vulnerable in this partially collapsed mining tunnel, us being acolytes of the Inquisition and the most capable four people on the planet be damned. He summons his power once more to create an inspiring aura. But this time the 4D10 produce another roll of a 9, and the subsequent D100 roll is a mighty 96, meaning we move from summoning a peril of the warp to a greater peril of the warp. And if that weren't bad enough this second roll is even higher, a 98 resulting in Mordecai becoming a demon host!

A demon host is almost the worst possible result, the psyker opening a rift that lets a demon possess him which then wreaks havoc until destroyed. Killing the demon can normally only be achieved by killing the host, and the situation looks dire for all involved.

Help arrives in the form of a GM veto, however, and he ret-cons the use of the psychic power when he realises that he has to roll the stats of the demon host himself, which looks like a lot of work and would disrupt the flow of the game. And also because he realises that, in the absence of the player of the psyker around the table this week, I've just been rolling pyschic powers continually until something bad happened. What a spoilsport.

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