Claiming What's Rightfully Ours

In a passionate fury, Ulbrexis couldn't help but reveal himself to Assod Moria, leader of the Broken Chain organisation, in the middle of the previous fight. Now we face the consequences of being party to this supposedly dead mutant sympathiser.

The local arbiters demand we hand over Ulbrexis to them on a death warrant, but our own arbiter has other ideas, Matthias being well aware that the death warrant has been signed off and is no longer valid. It's probably for the best, as thousands of serfs have come from the mines and their homes to see if the rumours of the return of their previous, benevolent baron are true. They are quite in awe to see Ulbrexis again.

Although the local authorities are backing off, even if they are unsure to do so, the Royal Scourge are more adamant about us letting them take Ulbrexis away. They have heard the rumours of his survival themselves, spread during the couple of hours we spent being dug out of a partially collapsed mine. And despite the leader of the Scourge being fazed by us revealing ourselves as agents of the Inquisition, he repeats his demand again for Ulbrexis to be handed over to them.

Matthias rallies the serfs of Ulbrexis's old barony, shouting 'who here is willing to defend your returned master?', and the crowd surges forwards. The Royal Scourge are jostled and a shot, intentional or otherwise, rings out. Ulbrexis is winged, the shot hitting his arm, and the mob turns nasty. The Scourge are immediately engulfed by serf bodies, even their autoguns not being a defence for the sheer weight of the crowd baying for their blood, and the unit is ripped to shreds by tooth and nail.

Without us even drawing a weapon the Royal Scourge meet a grisly end. 'But we still get the XP, right?'

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