If You Get My Drift

Our initial meeting with a government antagonist is going well, being fed and all. Of course, it can't last, and a young lad pounds on the door and, when our host Janiven lets him in, looks petrified as he tries to speak. 'They've got Ariel! Um, Aryel? Air... How do you pronounce that? Anyway, they've got her!' It sounds serious.

In fact, it's even more serious than it sounds. The lad was followed by Hellknights, and none of us want to stick around to find out if they live up to their name. Luckily, Janiven has an escape route planned, and she leads us in to the kitchen and down a trapdoor, throwing a tanglefoot bag behind her to slow down our pursuers.

Down in the sewers, Janiven pulls out a sunrod to light our way, to the astonishment of Brennan Fin, a bard who was expecting only a light dinner date this evening. 'In one encounter she's already blown more than any first level adventurer!'

'She can't have blown more than our elf friend here, and he's only first level.'

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