How Do You Sex an Elf?

A new setting, a new adventure. Five of us have been separately summoned to meet with a woman about overthrowing the city's government, and we all meet for the first time in a derelict inn. A couple of us expected more than ourselves to be present, others are surprised not to be alone, but we are all thrust in to the same room for the first time as strangers.

Our host greets each of us before heading off to the kitchen. 'Excuse me a moment', she says, 'I have vegetables to attend to'. It's clear we are supposed to go around the room and introduce ourselves when she leaves, but I can't help but reach for my D20 like I'll need to roll initiative soon.

'I am Ezio, private dick', says one of our number, finally breaking the ice.

'Pleased to meet you, madam', replies the paladin.

'No, I am an elf.' I may be needing that D20 after all.

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