Let's Call That One 'Plan Z'

We find ourselves recruited in to the resistance, after an innocent dinner date ends with us being chased through sewers by the local military force. It turns out, however, that they are not so much resisting the political power as intending to sway the populace with good deeds and kind words. We've more found ourselves recruited in to the Girl Guides.

Whatever the agenda we have been recruited for a reason, being the most competent adventurers the group has and wanted for our skills and capability. A longer interview with us probably would have been a good idea, but we've both been forced together now. So the group provides the direction, and we drive them towards it. But they seem a bit hapless currently, causing Ganelon to wonder 'what are we going to do with this rabble? Beat them in to some kind of order?'

'Is that our paladin talking?', asks Skelra, concerned about possible alignment issues. Besides, the group is probably less coordinated than usual only because their leader has been captured on trumped-up charges, and are currently looking to us to concoct some kind of plan to rescue him. A few idle thoughts are thrown around until Skelra has the idea that 'we could wait until he's executed, then raise him as a zombie'.

It's an interesting thought, particularly as no one will likely be guarding his grave, and even Ganelon has to admit that it's the best idea we've had so far, although I point out that it's probably because it's been mostly him talking so far.

Janiven, second-in-command of the Lights of Westcrown, as we have dubbed the group of Girl Guides, tells us that Ariel, their leader, may be moved as early as tomorrow. As it is currently the evening it doesn't give us much time. 'We can sleep tonight and start tomorrow', says Ganelon.

'Start what?', Brennan and I ask in unison.

'The rescue plan!', apparently, our paladin either not realising we still don't have one, or under the impression that we're going for the zombie option. We should probably stay up a bit later.

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