Leaving Our Mark

Having a name for our group leads to suggestions on how we can leave our mark whenever we perform a good deed, so the people will recognise our acts. 'As we are called the Lights of Westcrown', Skelra says, 'let's leave a candle behind'.

'Personally, I prefer the other suggested name, Children of Westcrown. We should leave a baby behind. At least that way it won't get blown out by the wind.'

'Or we could compromise.'

'And set fire to the baby?'

3 Responses to “Leaving Our Mark”

  1. smakendahed Says:

    Compromise LOL

  2. UFTimmy Says:

    I think the compromise is a modest proposal.


  3. Elf Says:

    I couldn't see how else we would compromise. Apparently, it was to ignore my idea and just go with the candle. I suppose sourcing them is easier.