Not Another Skeletal Camel With 4 Levels of Paladin

In creating the next combat encounter, our DM is remembering the good old days.

I'd forgotten how much of a pain in the rear trying to make a monster was in 3.5e, which it seems to be the same in Pathfinder in terms of being a nightmare.

I tell you now, if you lot walk all over this encounter there will be trouble.

Help is at hand! There are resources available to ease the burden, and one of our players provides a handy link.

There's a couple of online resources that help a bit. This one is OK: D&D 3.5e Monster Generator.

I made a skeletal camel with 4 levels of paladin and a vampire squid with 5 levels of wizard - both took only a minute or so.

Personally, I'm dubious about its usefulness.

But those are really common wandering monsters. How does it cope with more exotic creatures?

Challenge accepted!

Pretty well actually. And there's a pathfinder link at the left, which is a bit better. I made a ghost assassin vine cleric 5/wizard 5/mystic theurge 5 too. Advanced to 33 hit dice. Worth over 1mil xp.

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