Thinking How to Thwart Tactics

We finally learn some information about the shadowbeasts, asking around town about anyone whose seen such a beast or survived or witnessed an attack. The type of shadowbeast we will be looking for are slug-like creatures, lacking arms and legs and using natural attacks. What this means is that our normal tactics of disarming and tripping our foes will be rendered entirely ineffective.

'It sounds like a DM fix', Ganelon says, having had plenty of experience coming up with such fixes himself. 'Yes', he admits, when reminded of this, 'I was thinking about what I'd do'.

'If you were running this, it wouldn't just be the shadowbeasts who'd thwart our tactics. Even the bandits would have no legs and go around biting people.'

He ponders this for a moment, and says, 'Mmm, they'd be a bandit group of gelatinous cubes'.

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