Most Evil Creature in Range

We encounter a shadowbeast, a mere whelp of a shadowbeast but he doesn't look friendly. Being in a rather unfamiliar position of having a plan that looks to be working, paladin Ganelon takes advantage of the beast weakened by our light spell and moves forwards to attack.

'I'm going to call on my god to help me hit the shadowbeast, who is ostensibly evil!'

'So say you', a voice rumbles from above.

'Okay, I'll hit the most evil creature in range', Ganelon corrects himself, making me understandably a bit nervous, if only because our necromancer is sensibly hiding at the back of the party.

Actually, I think I'll be okay, but I feel I have to warn the rest of the party that the paladin is about to stab himself in the foot. Maybe he wants to become a ranger.

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