Leaving Their Mark

We need to stop a group of bandits who are burgling shops in the city, and whose latest raid ended up murdering a family who interrupted them. We recap what we know about the bandits and how they operate, which includes that they scratch their name, the Bastards of Erebus, on the outside of the door of the shop they burgle.

'Do they have time to do that? You'd think they'd be in a hurry.'

'Maybe they're blasé about it all and just take as long as they need.'

'Maybe they only write 'B of E'. That would save time, and everyone would know it's them.'

'But aren't the doors also locked when found in the morning? Do they really take the time to lock them again? And if they somehow appear inside how do they carve the name on the outside?'

'I reckon they already know what place they're hitting and they take a replica of the door with them, with the name already carved in to it, and they simply replace the door. It 's the simplest explanation.'

'They already have an 18th level wizard*, they probably just cast permanent illusion. It's easier that way.

'Does the warp wood spell allow you to do something like that? It's lower level and more likely they'd have it.'

'...are we still talking about this? This was just meant to be a recap from the last session! How about discussing a plan to stop them?

*Because they can warp time. Don't ask.

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