Rabbit Shot Through a Paladin

Combat against the tieflings is going much better now that they cannot disappear in to the darkness. Our temporary darkvision, granted by bought scrolls and cast by our wizard, pierces their supernatural ability and we can see them as clear as in daylight.

Brennan casts a spell and causes some of the tieflings to fall asleep, and Ganelon charges towards the one unaffected by the spell. He raises his longsword and slices down in a powerful swing, causing full damage and cutting the tiefling in two.

But our ranger is confused. 'What did you do just then?'


'You rolled a second die, after the D20. What was that?'

'Oh. That was a damage roll. Don't worry, you'll get to roll one yourself eventually.' Let's hope so, as there are more tieflings in the crypt.

Keen to get a damage roll himself, Afutavere gets himself in to position where he can see the action. Once again our paladin has pushed forwards and is with me, fighting a mummy which bleeds and has a curious tendency to rely on a dagger. Afutavere aims for the tieflings deeper in the room.

The elf declares his action, stating 'I shall shoot the tiefling through the paladin!'.

'Past' the paladin, I would hope, not 'through'.

'And I shall use rabbit shot!' If it helps him to think he's hunting critters we shouldn't be critical. The combat continues!

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