I Can See Clearly Now The Darkvision's On

Keen to continue where we left off, instead of pausing to consider every way initials could be carved in to a door, I take some indirect action. Standing over some dead tieflings in a crypt, I don't so much suggest that 'the paladin opens the door' in front of us but insinuate that's what he's doing.

'Um, what?' Curiously enough, the paladin doesn't like being volunteered to rush headlong in to the unknown, but that's okay, Brennan has another idea.

'The ranger kicks the paladin in the arse, causing him to stumble through the door.'

'That would involve the ranger getting a successful hit, though.' But thanks to our prompting the door is opened, leading deeper in to the crypt. Recently excavated rock walls shape a corridor. 'Are you going in, paladin?'

Ganelon looks nervously down the dark passage, somewhat reluctant to press on. 'I can't see anything down here', he says, concerned about being taken by surprise in the darkness, 'not without, oh...'

'...the darkvision spell we all have active?'

'I'll head in, shall I?'

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