Cloth Ear for Tiefling Accents

Pausing in the corridor, outside a door through which the tieflings retreated, we hear voices. They are speaking in the Abyssal language, which our mage understands. 'How many are speaking?', he asks our GM.

'That depends. How good are you at differentiating tiefling accents?'

A stage whisper comes from one side of our mage. 'Say 'expert''.

A second stage whisper comes from his other side. 'Say 'why, it's my field of specialty and is what brought me to this region''.

But, no, Skelra is too honest. 'Not that good, really', he says, resignedly, and gets no information on the number of tieflings in the room in front of us.

If someone asks you if you can differentiate tiefling accents, you say yes!

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