Mythical Missing Magic Missile

First-night jitters are encroaching on us, brave adventurers that we are. We already performed a full dress rehearsal the previous day to a hostile crowd, the director telling us to 'just get out there, ignore the rabble, and do your jobs. If they throw anything, take it and move on. Anything short of them starting a fire is no reason to stop the play'.

Brennan had a contingency plan for us. 'Don't worry lads', he says, 'I have a flint and steel'. But luckily arson wasn't required, as we more-or-less pleased the audience and the death-defying stunts were only play-acted. It seems a curious choice of words, 'play-acted', but the death-defying stunts will be performed for real in the one show we are giving, hence our nerves.

'Stick to your parts', the director tells us in his pre-curtain pep talk, 'you're a wizard', he reminds our elf.

'Arrows can be magical', Afutavere says, as way of influencing the idea that his character may be more inclined towards his ranger tendencies, offering that perhaps it could serve as a magic missile of sorts. But, of course, we've seen these supposed skills and know better.

'It will be the first magic missile that misses', Brennan retorts.

But Afutavere isn't deterred. 'How many proles know the spell automatically hits? They'll soon understand it to be a common myth after my performance.'

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