Potentially Portentous Pit Fiend

There's plenty of gossip to be had at the mayor's party. We learn of a supposed deformed son of the mayor that he keeps locked in the attic, apparently the reason all guests were ejected early at a previous party when someone stumbled up there by accident. It's got to be a ruse, a cover for the existence of the vault known as the Asmodean Knot in which the Chelish Crux is stored, the recovery of which being our primary aim for being here tonight.

But never mind that, as another bit of gossip gets passed on to our bard. Apparently, the source of all the hot water, lights, and magical illusions rife throughout the mayor's home are all powered by an imprisoned pit fiend under the mansion. That sounds very cool, but as Brennan asks, 'isn't that dangerous?'

'Ha, I knew you would ask!', the guest chuckles, 'No, the odds of the pit fiend getting free...'

'...are dramatically increased now that we are here', I mumble to the others, completing the overheard conversation.

'Is it half-way between a gate to hell?', Skelra wonders, 'because I think we could probably get that open.'

The night's young, this party could still get quite lively.

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