Arthur Was a Mothman, Not a Bunny

We find the Asmodean Knot, gateway to our recovering the Chelish Crux. Our cunning strategy of opening every door in the mansion whilst the other guests are asleep or too drunk to notice pays off. At least, once we realise that perhaps a secret door is involved, and maybe the best place to look for that door is in the room behind the padlocked door that was barred by a first locked door in a building where all the other doors open freely. Nothing stays hidden from us for long.

The Asmodean Knot is a portal of sorts, rumour has it, otherwise acting as a kind of mirror. The blackened surface in front of us shimmers and ripples, but it clearly is reflecting our images. But all we know is what it probably is we're staring at, we have no idea how it works or what will happen when we interact with it. 'I think I'll put my tongue on it', I say.

Not having as broad an education as me, the others bizarrely don't get the reference to issue 10 of The Tick and it seems that I am actually going to put my tongue on the Asmodean Knot, at which point I disappear. Now they have a short time to decide whether I have been disintegrated by a devious trap, which is unlikely considering I am not wearing an artefact-level item this time, and not come near the mirrored object, or if I have been transported to another place and follow me, presumably by taking my lead and licking the Asmodean Knot.

I really hope it's the second one.

One Response to “Arthur Was a Mothman, Not a Bunny”

  1. Elf Says:

    It's almost 7 years ago to the day when I lost that artefact ring to the illusion trap. Ah, how times have changed, it's funny to see how foolishly impetuous I was back then!