It Should Be Raining Elves

This isn't good. Our paladin had trouble walking down a straight corridor and being presented with what was essentially a crooked crossroads. Now we've passed on from that passageway to open a door in to an Escheresque room, containing a stairway that heads forever upwards, regardless of whether we turn left or right to start with, and returns to where we are standing, as well as a seemingly bottomless pit. If Euclidean space confuses him, this is going to make Ganelon doolally if we wait here too long. So let's ponder the apparent paradox for a while.

'Wait, a 'bottomless' pit? Yeah, I've seen these before. All I need is a worthless object that I can gently drop down the pit...'

'The elf!'

'...first dabbing it in lamp oil and setting fire to it, so that it can be seen clearly in the darkness...'

'The elf?'

'I was thinking a pebble, but if he wants to volunteer I'm sure he'll be fine. It's not really bottomless, just an illusion with some kind of portal. I bet he'll just keep on falling, appearing back above us as he reaches however far down the portal is.'

'Until he burns to death.'

'...I suppose so. Okay, not the elf, which was never my intention, but a pebble.' I grab a pebble from the ground, dab some oil on it and light the oil, then casually toss it in to the pit. Sure enough, it falls for a bit, more slowly than normal though, before disappearing and a flaming pebble dropping down from above us. 'As I thought. It's your standard, bargain bottomless pit.'

What surprises me the most is that the pebble is the only object perpetually falling through the space. I find it hard to believe that no one else has ever been tempted to throw something, or an elf, down the pit to see what happens.

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