On the Morality of Books

There are greater treasures in this room than quills from the howlers. Bookshelves line the walls high above, half-full with old-looking tomes. There may not be anything particularly extraordinary, but they are old and hefty enough to be worth a decent amount of gold.

We take a few down and flick through them to see if there's anything of interest, apart from their monetary value. 'They mostly seem to be about torture', says Brennan.

'Torture?!' says our paladin, in what we can only be mock outrage considering his own moral values. 'Torture is not to be tolerated.'

'It is also not to be misunderstood', reasons Brennan. 'Books themselves are not inherently evil.'

'Evil books are.'

'...evil books are, yes. Normal books aren't.' I'm glad we cleared that up. We'd normally struggle to carry all these books out to where we could sell them, particularly for only a few tens of gold coins, but Brennan knows where he can stick them. 'I'll put them in my extra-dimensional space.'

'I'd rather you didn't. Store them in the handy haversack (unbranded) instead, please.'

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