A Ghoul by Any Other Name

We let the devil out of his cell. And by 'we', I mean 'me and Skelra', whilst the others are taking a see-no-evil approach to our adventuring, heading around the corner so they have plausible deniability over our actions.

No sooner is the cell door open than the devil springs out and teleports away. I'm sure we won't see him again at a critical point in the adventure, it'll be fine. He left his glaive behind too, an intelligent and evil weapon which, after of placating the paladin somewhat, we stuff in to the handy haversack (unbranded) until we decide what to do with it.

Pressing further in to the Asmodean Knot, we encounter a pool of stagnant, murky water. We split up to walk around it when creatures jump out and attack! 'Ghouls!', shouts Brennan, knowledgeable about many monsters.

Brennan makes a knowledge roll and the GM formalises the monsters' identity, 'they are Lacedons'.

'Ah-haaaaaaaa!', gloats Ganelon, at the bard's apparent failure to identify them properly at first. 'You were wr-'

'Lacedons being aquatic ghouls, of course', says the GM.


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