It Takes One to Know One

The water slide is behind us, most of the party reaching the bottom unscathed. Only the reckless take a bit of bruising, coming to rather an abrupt stop once the slippery stone turns back to the rather more abrasive dry stone floor.

We move onwards, and see what looks to be some chains hanging from the ceiling in the room ahead. The withered body sitting amongst the chains makes it look rather more ominous, but this is the path we have chosen and we must accept the risks.

Of course, it's some kind of chain monster, which becomes quite animated when it senses our presence. Entering combat, we bring all our skills to bear. I use my improved speed and position at the head of the party to breeze through the room and in to a corridor on the other side. Skelra follows close behind.

Ganelon, bravely guarding the rear again, cannot stomp all the way through the room in his armour and has to stop half-way, to face the chain monster for at least one round. And Afutavere's elf-like reactions means he acts after the monster, being hit with an attack of opportunity as he tries to move safely through the room.

That leaves Brennan, who calmly walks from one side of the room to the other, patting Afutavere on the back as he walks past. 'For once I'm glad I got a lower initiative result, as it means the attack of opportunity has been used up.'

The chain monster's a bit nasty, really. The only good aspect of it is that it can't move from the room, which lets us ignore it after a round or two of taking damage without being able to cut through the hardness of the chains. But now we have a new problem.

Pressing ahead, Brennan and Skelra have been split from the party, attacked by a tielfing and somehow having the doorway between two rooms magically disappear. At the same time, new doorways are appearing in the room the rest of us are in. We have no idea why. Instead of wondering what is conjuring the doorways in to and out of existence, Ganelon is more concerned with the company he's keeping. 'Why am I stuck with the losers?'

'Think about it.'

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