Two Firsts

Will looks back through the archives, curious to see when he joined the group, simultaneously getting a feel for just how long it takes us to work through an adventure. He finds the time he joined, when he takes over from the ninja to show everyone that it can be an impressive class, which is also the first time we give an absent character mummy rot for a jape.

The ninja believed he'd even been inflicted with mummy rot at the time, what with it not having been done before. Ah, great days. 'January 2006?', he says, when Will tells us what he found, 'that's almost 5 years ago'.

We need to be gentle with him, he went to a polytechnic.

One Response to “Two Firsts”

  1. Ninja Says:

    Leicester was never as polytechnic you fiend! At least I didn't correct/adjust my calendar after three event to make me right...