Six? Really?

Our fears have been mastered. All four rooms have been entered, and we've faced fire, blood, snakes, spiders, and clowns. Something like that. As the final beastie in each room pooed out a gem of sorts we take them all back to the central room and present them to the ghostly voice that told us to face our fears in the first place.

The voice appears as an impish creature, flying down to congratulate us on being sane. 'Ask me questions, I can help. Six times I will answer', she says.

Ah, that's interesting. We may get cryptic answers, but being able to find out about the Asmodean Knot, Chelish Crux, or the greater scheme we've got ourselves involved in could be invaluable. But we should consider our limited number of questions carefully.

'Can we really ask you six questions?', asks Brennan, immediately before the rest of the party jumps to force a gag on him.

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