You Never Truly Own a Cat

The spider swarm hits the elf, who fails his third saving throw of the session. He suffers 2 strength damage, to go with his constitution damage from the vipers, which his cat shrugged off, and wisdom damage from earlier in the Asmodean Knot. 'I can't use my bow now because I can't pull it properly', he says.

What a feed line. I don't if I should say 'fnarr' or 'it's never stopped you before'. Luckily, we have enough bodies present to cover all the bases.

Our elf's faith in his abilities is shaken once more, wondering if we really have a ranger and his pet cat, or a cat and his pet ranger. 'In the last two fights, I've killed nothing and my cat has killed two monsters', he opines. But I think he's being unfair to his cat, as it's probably not just the past two fights where the cat has bettered the elf.

'At least at 5th level I have a better attack bonus than the cat.'

'It's still better than you with a bow. And not just because of your strength damage.' In the next fight, we are fully expecting to see the cat ride the elf in to combat.

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