Getting to the Crux of the Adventure

'Stick my head under?' Ganelon's not too happy about having to dunk himself in the slimy, probably diseased water in order to locate our drowning elf. 'Do I have to?' He smooshes his foot around a bit instead, bumping it in to what could be the elf's body, or maybe the elf's corpse. I dash across, as fast as I can in four feet of filth, and grab what's under the surface and lift his head clear.

Having the elf above the water and safe, Ganelon lays his hands on Afutavere and brings him back to positive hit points. He's alive! 'Good. Now, let's go looking for the Outcast King's weapons. Those longswords looked pretty magical.'

'Hey', the elf splutters, 'I nearly died there! And you want to look for loot?'

'Don't be so ungrateful. I was the first to come to your aid!'

'To be fair, you were the first to get next to him and watch him drown. There may have even been a hint of a smirk on your face.'

'Hey, that's right. You didn't want to put your head under the water to look for the drowning elf in case it mussed up your hair, but now there are magical weapons to recover you're straight under like a colour-sprayed porpoise.'

But it's not just magical weapons that are left behind with the Outcast King defeated. Now we can break in to the two chests in the alcove beyond the water, where we find even more loot and—score!—the Chelish Crux. We've got what we came here for. Now to get out.

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