Overkilling the Outcast King

The elf is submerged and soon to drown. The Outcast King has all its tentacles swiping at the rest of us, a couple of them wielding swords. Thankfully, I have a silvered weapon that is getting through the monster's damage reduction, and Ganelon is using his ability to smite evil to full effect.

Ganelon swings twice to hit for 28 and 31 points of damage, most of that being the +22 damage bonus granted by smite evil, along with a little help from the bard's spell. He's pretty much ripping vital organs out of the monster with each swing.

Skelra's helping from the back too. A ghostly hand delivers a Vampiric Touch to the Outcast King, making it look wobbly on what might be knees. And Ganelon's final swing deals a critical hit, just to make sure of the kill, doubling the already huge damage bonus and adding extra weapon damage on top of that. Even though the 4D6 settle on 1, 1, 1, and 1, Ganelon's mighty 48 damage cuts the Outcast King in two, dropping it in to the sludge.

'Four 1s! What are the odds?' What a silly question to ask around a gaming table. 1 in 1,296, obviously. And the unlucky roll of the dice didn't affect the outcome too much, not that we're surprised with a +44 damage bonus. The Outcast King was knocked to 0 hit points by Skelra moments before the paladin's critical hit landed. Even our ranger could have done enough damage to kill the monster in that final blow.

Oh, our ranger. Right. We'd better get him out from under the water before he breathes in too much. I hear that's not good for your elf.

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