Going Limp

The Outcast King has risen from the shallow depths of some slimy water and is grappling our elven ranger. The constricting grip of his tentacle is crushing the life out of Afutavere, who is almost on his last breath. 'Go limp! Play dead!' I cry out, hoping that acting like a rag doll will convince the monster that the elf is already dead and cause it to let go.

The problem is that Brennan cast a spell to temporarily blind the Outcast King, hoping it would prevent its getting multiple tentacle attacks on the rest of us. It's working, but with no one else to hit and a squishy elf in its paw, the monster has little else to do but crush the ranger some more.

Crunch, crunch. The tentacle's grip tightens and crushes the elf's ribcage, finally rendering him unconscious and dying. Getting to this situation is actually worse than we first imagined, as we remember we're fighting in four feet of slimy water. If the Outcast King releases the elf and the elf is unconscious, he'll drop in to the water and drown immediately, not being able to hold his breath.

'New plan: don't go limp!' You know, I'm not sure he's listening to me.

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