Blind and Immobile

With all its tentacles now free, having dropped our dying elf in to the murky waters to drown, the Outcast King can flail away with its full five attacks against the rest of us. Or it could, if it weren't blinded.

'Being blind, does it still know which square its attackers are in?', asks the GM. Ganelon and I have been prodding it with our weapons for a couple of rounds, the paladin making more of a mess of the monster than me.

Yes, is the answer. A blind creature knows which squares any attacks come from. 'Well, it's knows where we were', says Ganelon. 'If we'd moved after attacking it wouldn't know what square we're in now.'

And, of course, like idiots we didn't move after hitting the monster, setting ourselves up for reciprocal attacks. At least being blind means that it still suffers a 50% miss chance on any otherwise successful attack, which results in only one of the five attacks hitting. Poor elf, getting crushed and drowned so that we may survive. At least we know what the ranger's good for now.

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